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  1. Gaylen, I see what you accomplished. You have executed some very lovely paintings. I am gladdened by the use of my pictures as an inspiration. You have the feeling and the love for what you do. Keep on broadening your horizons as an artist and exploring a universe of infinite possibilities.
    Love to you,- Douglas Miller

  2. Gaylen . . . let me see . . . what do I want to say about my very TALENTED friend. First,
    perhaps the most GENUINE person I know . . .Second , perhaps one of the most GIFTED
    web designers on the planet . . . and last (but not least) a professional artist/designer who dares
    to cross boundaries and reinvent her artistic self to explore new worlds beyond the known.
    I hope that your personal journey carries you far and adds to the quality of your (and others)

    Best to you always,

    Russell jacques


  3. Oh my,! What a privilege to know that my ‘blood cousin,’ is another successful extension of the David Solomon legacy!

  4. Gaylen is the best in the business of art promotion, preparation and professional ethics. Want to move forward in the art world……call Gaylen. Her smile and attitude is as big as her list of services. What more can I say, oh yeah, she is a great artist!

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