About Gaylen

Gaylen Solomon Corbett is an established fine artist, graphic designer, teacher and author.  She exhibited regularly at Lang Fine Art in Laguna Beach from 2012-2018. Her work is often experimental in nature, using a variety of media including ink, watercolor, oil and collage. Instead of limiting herself to a particular subject or media, each year she has embarked on a new area of study. Her subjects range from land and seascapes to cityscapes and interiors. Travel and painting outdoors are as important to her as time spent in the studio.

Most recently, Gaylen published the book “David Solomon: 50 Years an Artist” which chronicles the career of her father, a well-known plein air watercolorist. The book proved to be a great success. A special signing was held in July 2019 at Forest & Ocean Gallery (right) where family, friends and art collectors gathered to celebrate the book launch. A second edition is planned for 2020.

In 2011, Journey School invited Gaylen to develop a visual arts program for their middle school students. She taught at Journey from 2011 to 2018, building a robust art curriculum for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Gaylen also worked with the Acting Academy for Kids (AA4K) leading their summer arts and crafts classes for four years, and painting set pieces for theater productions. She continues to offer art classes for various skill levels and mediums at local venues.

Looking Back: Starting in the mid-1990’s, Gaylen began learning computer-aided graphic design. A turning point came when she landed a job with CS Marketing, a boutique firm in Laguna Beach that specialized in marketing design for high-end real estate sales. The valuable experience she gained while working under Carolyn Skenderian (“CS”) eventually led to the establishment of Gaylen Corbett Design in the year 2000. With her own business, Gaylen chose to specialize in building websites for artists and small business owners. “Having my own business was an amazing experience. I greatly enjoyed meeting so many artists and working with creative business owners throughout Southern California,” she says. “Most importantly, freelance work allowed me to be home with my children when they were young.”  Gaylen wound down her business gradually starting in 2012 when she began working at Journey School. “Below are photos of some of my favorite moments from the past 20 years in the art and design business.”


4 thoughts on “About Gaylen

  1. Gayle I have a painting of your dad’s work purchased it a Worthmores in Rayne La. Looks like possibly one of his first paintings Worthmores goes back into the 1940s

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