About Gaylen Corbett

Gaylen Solomon Corbett is an established fine artist who has shown regularly at Lang Fine Art in Laguna Beach starting in 2012 until the gallery owner’s retirement in 2018. For many years, she has focused on watercolor and ink, but has recently shifted to oil painting. Instead of limiting herself to a particular subject or media, each year she has embarked on a new area of study. Her subjects range from land and seascapes to cityscapes and interiors. Travel and painting outdoors are as important to her as time spent in the studio.

Knowing of her art background, Journey School invited her to teach visual arts to their middle school students. She has been teaching at Journey since 2011, building a robust art curriculum for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Gaylen also worked with the Acting Academy for Kids (AA4K) leading their summer arts and crafts classes for four years, and painting set pieces for theater productions.

In addition, Gaylen is a skilled graphic designer with 25 years experience specializing in website design and marketing for small businesses and artists. She began her design career in the mid 1990’s, a pioneer in the early days of the internet, who pushed for website design to be more aesthetic instead of purely functional.


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